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Underwriting your home and auto shouldn't be such a hassle, but when you are a high net worth client you require detailed underwriting to make sure you have all the protection you need.  Teenagers drivers, ski boats or jet skis, ATV's, livestock, hunting blinds at the ranch. It only takes one accident to find a mistake in coverage. Broad package policies that fill in all the loopholes and pick up the incidental coverages go unused until that one life changing event happens and you discover just how badly you need protection.


High Value Homes with valuable jewelry, guns, and artworks floaters require more than just a policy issued online. Our high net worth programs from Chubb, United Fire Group, and Safeco involve inspections from professional estimators to take stock of replacement costs and inventories of valuable items. Beachfront or Coastal Homes can be underwritten with the Windstorm included, and Flood from FEMA is always an added option for property risks.


Watercraft, whether recreation or charter with crew,  center console of an ocean yacht, our hull and liability coverage protects your investment and your interests from potential fire, breakdowns that require expensive tow-ins, or on-board accident liabilities. We write in all north American ports, so even if your boat is in Cabo, the Caribbean, Halifax or Vancouver - Let us underwrite this risk!


Recreational motorcoach of all kinds, farm and ranch properties, livestock / animal and hunting lease liability policies are underwritten through a select few markets that specialize in this exposure. Let us underwrite your risk!


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